Monday, June 6, 2011

july exhibit paintings - 'got a biscuit?' & 'friday's blaze'

'got a biscuit?' - 12 x 12 - oil on belgian linen - sold

i have wanted to do this painting of this jack russell named 'fritz' for a few years.  i am drawn to the beauty in the pattern of the whites and and darks of his coat and how attentively he is awaiting the next treat.  i must admit that the title 'got a biscuit' comes from the fact that fritz is, in fact, awaiting a treat but also from my graphic designer friend laura quinlivin's website ( which showcases her black lab and says 'got a biscuit'.  for anyone of need of a talented designer, laura is your person.  she is wonderful.  

'friday's blaze?' - 30 x 30 - oil on belgian linen - Available at ALTAMIRA Fine Art - SOLD

friday's blaze was inspired by a colt that i saw on a hillside outside of salt lake city a few years ago.  the sienna color of the colts coat stood out in contrast to the dry fall grass and the white gelding which accompanied him. the  gray green in the background was a stronger green but it was competing with the sienna of the colt... it was not until added more grey to the green that the piece worked as that allowed the sienna color to be the focal point, supported by the grey green.