Saturday, July 2, 2011

the first 'first friday' post! - gratitude, 'cowboys & indians', & orchids

hello and welcome to the first 'first friday' post for this new blog!  i am laughing at myself as it is actually saturday and i am in the throes of preparing for an exhibit so I have not been able to get this post out until now.  please bear with me as there will be another post with the final paintings for the exhibit in a few days.  in the future there will only be one post a month to honor minimal amounts of social media.  this post is about gratitude, 'cowboys and indians', and orchids. 
first and foremost is gratitude.  my heart is filled with gratitude to you.  each and every person who enjoys the work that i create is part of a continuum of creativity.  mother teresa said that "the ocean is made up of tiny drops".  in this same manner, all my work is fueled by each person who connects with the paintings.  so thank you, these paintings would not exist without you.  
the second part of this post is a link to an article published in this month's edition of 'cowboys and indians'.  please click the link below to access the article. 

july 2011
and last, but definitely not least, are three orchid paintings that will be in this upcoming exhibit.
enjoy and please stay tuned for the last piece of the exhibit to be posted in a few days. 
have a great fourth of july weekend!
all my best,
ode to o'keeffe one - 10 x 13 - oil on belgian linen - sold
ode to o'keeffe three - 21" w x 23" h - oil on belgian linen - sold 

i never tire of painting the light and texture in the petals of orchids (and they hold still a lot longer than horses :)...). 

below is a favorite quote by georgia o'keeffe...

"i found that i could say things with color and shape that i couldn't say any other way - things that i had no words for..."

i concur with mrs. o'keeffe and so titled these paintings in her honor.