Wednesday, July 6, 2011

july exhibit final post - 'dreams of midnight' and 'ravens'

hello everyone!

enclosed please find the last few paintings for this july exhibit.  as promised my next post will be the first friday of august. 
enjoy the bounty brought by the long warm days of summer!
all my best,

'dreams of midnight' - oil on belgian linen - 30 x 60 - $8100 - sold
'dreams of midnight' is a painting dedicated to a horse named midnight that belonged to a friend of my father's.  this horse was well trained, gentle and had a spring in his gait.  at the age of seven i had to maneuver him next to a fence to climb on bareback and with nothing but a halter and a lead rope the two of us would explore the world.  i remember having to hang on tight to his mane when he picked up speed as my short legs were not very effective in regards to gripping his broad back for balance.  i still think about him from time to time. 

'affinity' is about soul mates....ravens mate for the length of their lives.  these two are watching the world go by shoulder by shoulder, wing by wing.

'abundantia' - oil on linen - 12 x 24 - $3200 - sold

this painting was inspired by meaningful encounters with both ravens and hummingbirds.  in native american lore hummingbirds are symbols of abundance and joy and ravens, among other things, are symbolic of being ready to take your life to a new level.  'abundantia' is the greek goddess of abundance which is represented by the hummingbird.  these two, an auspicious duo, are here to remind us of the abundance of the universe.