Friday, September 2, 2011

the third 'first friday' post: southwest art magazine, fall arts, commissions, and a puppy!

hello everyone....
this has been a busy month of commissions and training a puppy so there is not much to post image wise but news to share....

southwest art article:
southwest art has done a feature story on 'birds in art' which is currently at the leigh yawkey woodson museum in wasau, wisconsin.  they have highlighted six paintings and my painting  'two is a pair', which was purchased by the national museum of wildlife art last fall, is amongst those chosen.  
to access the article please click on the below link.

fall arts festival:
there is a lot going during the month of september at trio fine art, in town and at the national museum of wildlife art.

september 8th at trio - kathryn mapes turner's one woman exhibit 5 - 8 
september 9th at trio - palates to palettes from 5 - 8 w demonstrations from 3 - 5 
september 16th at the national museum of wildlife art -
western visions miniatures and more exhibit

the below are two works of mine on exhibit at the western visions exhibit:

winters harmony - 18 x 36 - oil on linen - sold
i would like to credit and thank tim mayo for allowing me to work from his beautiful photography
madras morning - 10 x 14 - charcoal on paper - sold

and last but not least is my new "partner in crime"... uma...
she looks calm but is quite the whirling dervish...
she continually makes me laugh and has brought a lot of joy 
into my life... 

have a wonderful month of september as the trees start to change, the light gets lower in the sky and a crisp element is added to the air.
all my best,