Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello Everyone!

We are experiencing an early spring here in jackson which is completely delightful after some very cold temperatures in january and february.  
Below is news for the month of march and what has transpired in the studio.

Below are two commissions which recently have kept me company in the studio.  

'Bonner and Dude' - 20 x 30 - oil on belgian linen - sold

I love how the owner of Bonner and Dude describes them.  It is worth a read.

Dude (right) is the type  of horse who is always interested in doing the right thing.    He has a very kind nature, is gentle and smart.   He has rather famous ancestors, and he has won numerous awards in roping, trail class and other events.  He loves taking off at a dead run, but is content with a leisurely stroll, too. He has beautiful coloring and the thickest mane, ever.   He especially loves his owner, and is very interested in any sort of edible treat that may be lurking around.    He is rather retiring with other horses, and does not get into any power struggles in the field.  He and bonner are good buds, and enjoy grooming one another. 
Bonner (left) is a hunk and the class clown, too.  He does many tricks: He will fetch a frisbee, stand on his pedestal, kiss, smile and count on command, and hand you a tissue if you sneeze.   If you drop your hat or your glove he will pick it up for you. He has extremely smooth gaits, and can be ridden bareback with a halter after six months on pasture.    He hates ropes, and anything snakelike.    He is a fearless trail horse and likes seeing the countryside.   He is a glutton, and is very easily distracted by apples and carrots.    He is very focused on his owner and doesn't like her to be out of his sight during lunch breaks on the trail.  She dotes on him.  

Spring's Dance - 30 x 60 - oil on belgian linen - sold

This painting is about movement and whites.  The whites were carefully designed to sparkle amongst the neutral tones throughout the rest of the piece.  The slightly cooler white in the lower left portion of the painting is unpainted primed linen which adds drama, because of contrast, to the white of the colts stockings and blazes. 

Happy Spring!

All my best,