Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ALTAMIRA FINE ART exhibit paintings, more to come.

Hello and Happy Summer!

We are having the most delightful summer here in Jackson.
I have been outside as much as possible but of late have been spending long days in the studio getting ready for an upcoming exhibit at ALTAMIRA FINE ART
Please come see the paintings if you are in Jackson!

I am honored to be sharing the evening of August Second with Jared Sanders whose exhibit is titled: "Home Ground".  Jared's paintings capture the essence of the west in their serenity, his subdued pallete, and his fresh compositions.    

I would like to extend a my gratitude and appreciation to ALTAMIRA FINE ART who do a fantastic job at connecting collectors with art.  It takes an incredible amount of energy to put together exhibits & events, hang art on a regular basis, and connect collectors with art.  The team that works at ALTAMIRA is exceptional in their care for the art, the clients and their artists.  It is no wonder that it is one of Jackson's most highly respected and enjoyed galleries.  

I also would like to thank Henry Holdsworth who has been very generous in allowing me to work from his photos for the paintings of 'Universal Mystic' and both of the 'Summers Dream' paintings. 

Here are some pieces that will be in the exhibit.  
There are more in the studio that will be on ALTAMIRA's website soon. 

Universal Mystic - 12 x 24 - oil on linen - available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD

Dream Walker's Dream - 24 x 36 - Oil on Belgian Linen - available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD 

Summer's Dream One - 20 x 20 - Oil on Belgian Linen - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD

Summer's Dream Two - 9 x 12 - Oil on Belgian Linen - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART- SOLD 

True Light - 11 x 11 - Watercolor on paper - ALTAMIRA FINE ART -  SOLD 

There will be Red Horses in this exhibit.  
Two of which are below with more of the small oils on the way. 

Red Horse 20 - 48 x 48 - Oil on Belgian Linen - ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD

Red Horse 46 - 9 x 13 - Oil on Belgian Linen - ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD

And for the Uma fans... 
Here we are at the Animal Adoption Center.
Yes... I am 'owned' by a rescue pet.  :)
She is still the apple of my eye and constantly honing her art critique skills.  

Be well and enjoy all the sunshine!