Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Large Charcaol for 'The Winnies' Film Festival, The American Art Invitatinal, The Coors Western Art Exhibit, and a large Red Horse

Hello Everyone!

The full color of fall is here in the valley! It is something to behold and is a favorite time of year when the air is crisp but the days are warm.  

There is a lot happening here in the studio and it is exciting!  This post contains a large charcoal done for The Winnies Film Festival,  a piece for The American Art Invitational, a paintings for The Coors Western Art Exhibit and a large oil Red Horse.  

The Winnies Film Festival is a collection of equine based films and art which will be at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming from October 5th - 7th.  The art reception is on October 5th from 5 - 7 and will be on display for the rest of October.  The artists featured are  Kathryn Mapes Turner, Kathy Wipfler, Meredith Campbell, Terra Arrowwood and myself.  A portion of the proceeds from the festival will go to The Winnies Future Filmmakers Fund and a variety of horse charities including Jackson's Horse Warriors and Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding.  For more information about this event from the Center for the Arts or The Winnies Facebook Page, please click on the below links:

Ebony and Ivory - Charcoal on Paper - 36 x 77 - Available at ALTMAMIRA FINE ART  - SOLD 

All of the equine artwork that I will be exhibiting for The Winnies Festival will be drawings of horses which can be found in the 'Drawing Gallery' on my website (www.vhay.comand available for purchase through ALTAMIRA FINE ART.  This registered Painted Gaited Horse, named Spud, resides here in Jackson and has the most gentle temperament of any horse you will ever meet.  

This next piece will be on display at The American Art Invitational at The Saks Gallery in Denver, Colorado (a collection of small works by the top contemporary artists in the country).  Needless to say, it is an honor to be a participant in this exhibit.  The opening reception is on November 9th, 2012.
For more information about this piece or the exhibit please click on the below link:

Late Summer's Spring - 12 x 12 - Oil on Linen - Available at The Saks Gallery - SOLD

'Late Summer's Spring' was inspired by the mule deer at my parents ranch in Nevada. The deer herds take refuge and forage in the alfalfa fields and the nearby hills. 

I will also be participating in the Coors Western Art Exhibit in Denver, the opening reception is on January 8th, 2013.  This exhibit is part of The National Western Stock show which is a Stock Show, Rodeo and Horse Show that is in it's 106th year and lasts for 16 days.  Proceeds from the event go to provide scholarships for study in agriculture and medicine in rural areas.  This is the first of five paintings that I will be sending to the exhibit and the rest will appear on my next blog post.  

Sky - 12 x 24 - Oil on Linen - SOLD 

This piece is a roan colt that lives on the Poodle Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming.  It is the star on the colts forehead, his coloring and the contrast of his white body against the bay coloring of his mother that caught my eye.  
For information about this piece or the event please click the below link:

And to wrap up this post is a 60 x 60 Red Horse titled Red Horse Five that is currently hanging at ALTAMIRA FINE ART in Jackson.  The Red Horse paintings are numbered as to their placement in time in an ongoing trajectory of these pieces.  The large oils are painted from the smaller watercolors which are inspired by Japanese Sumi Paintings, the art of Craig Sheppard and the sculpture of Deborah Butterfield. This oil is titled Red Horse Five as it was done from the fifth watercolor that was done in the Red Horse Series.  The scale is impossible to convey digitally so if you get a chance to stop in at ALTAMIRA to see it, please do so.  

Red Horse Five - 60 x 60 - Oil on Linen - Available at ALTMAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD

And lastly I would not want to leave you all without a picture of my trusted studio companion Uma. 

"Ahem September...excuse me for interrupting, but the eye on that colt isn't quite right... you might have to redo it now while the paint is wet or it will look overworked.... just say'in.."  
~ Uma

I appreciate you taking the time to keep up with what is happening in the studio here in Jackson.  

Best Wishes,
~ September