Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coors Western Art Exhibit, Cowgirl Up, & Altamira

Hello and Happy Holidays!! 

This post is of two new paintings that will be on exhibit in January at the Coors Exhibit, one painting for the Cowgirl Up exhibit at the Desert Caballeros Museum, and a new piece which will be at ALTAMIRA. 

The Coor Western Art Exhibit and Sale, which is part of the Western Stock Show, will be held in Denver with the opening reception night on January 8th and a Preview Party on the 7th.  For more information about the exhibit or the pieces below please click on the following link:  The Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale

'Midnight Mystic' - 12 x 24 - Oil on Belgian Linen - Available at The Coors Exhibit - SOLD
Texas Longhorns can have horns that extend up to 7 feet and the breed is known for their variety in coloring.  They are also hallmarked by their gentle and intelligent disposition, their longevity, resistance to disease and ability to thrive in marginal pastures.  It is the juxtaposition of their powerful yet gentle nature that inspired this painting.
'Spring Forward' - 30 x 30 - Oil on Linen - Available at The Coors Exhibit  - SOLD

I have recently had the honor to be asked to participate in the 'Cowgirl Up Exhibit' at the Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona in March.  The below piece will be a part of this exhibit. 

'Saturn Ablaze' - 12 x 12 - Oil on Linen - Available at The Desert Caballeros Western Museum - SOLD
This colt stood out of the herd at the Red Hills Ranch, near Jackson, Wyoming, as his blaze wraps around the entire lower part of his face, which is called a wide blaze.  He followed me as I wandered among the herd with my pocket full of carrots taking photographs.

'Fall's Glory' - 12 x 15 - Oil on Belgian Linen - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD
There is a very clear reason why my parents ranch is called Deer Run Ranch.  The herd of mule deer this year was larger than it has ever been.  Two trusting does with fawns have taken residence in my parents front yard.  This fall they would wait for my dad to come outside after his morning coffee and shake the apple trees for their breakfast.   

And for the Uma fans here is a recent pic.  
She has been good so there might be some kibble in her stocking.  :)

Be well, stay warm, and enjoy your friends and family this holiday season!! 
All my best,
~ September