Monday, June 17, 2013

An Exhibit at ALTAMIRA FINE ART and an upcoming Southwest Art Article

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmth and abundance of summer.

There are many new works in the studio for an upcoming exhibit at ALTAMIRA FINE ART titled 'A Divine Pause' from July 15th - 27th, with the reception on July 18th from 5 - 8.  If you are in Jackson please come, we would love to see you.  If you are not in town please view the works online at or, the paintings will be posted online as they arrive at the gallery. 

I have had the honor of exhibiting at ALTAMIRA FINE ART for the last year and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience on many levels.  They are dedicated to the union of art, collectors, artists and the public.  I am grateful to be affiliated with this team and their collaborative venture of connecting people with art.  

On that note, below is a sneak preview of a few works that are currently on their way to the gallery for this exhibit.  

'Chiefs of Day' - 30 x 77 - Charcoal on paper - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART -  SOLD 
'Chiefs of Night' - 30 x 77 - Charcoal on paper - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD 

'Legends Stand' - 30 x 30 - Charcoal on paper - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD 
'A Summer's Glance' - 12 x 24 - Oil on Belgian Linen - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART

There will also be a few Red Horse oils and watercolors in this exhibit.  I will add the new watercolors in a post soon, here are the oils.  

'Red Horse Nine' - 45 x 66 - Oil on Canvas - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD

'Red Horse Forty Seven' - 15 x 17 - Oil on Belgian Linen - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD 
'Red Horse Thirty Six' - 22 x 28 - Oil on Canvas - Available at ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD 

Another piece of news is that Southwest Art Magazine will be doing a featured article on my work in their upcoming August issue (watch for details in my next post).  Needless to say, I am very excited to see it in print. 

And to close out this post is a photo taken of the studio.  Since I had a picture of 'Summer's Glance' on the easel I am including it in this post to give you a view into where it was created.  I use a Santa Fe II Easel which can hold a piece as small as the above (12"tall x 24"wide) or as large as the bison charcoals (30"tall x 77"wide) in this post.  For small paintings I use the pallet on the easel (on this picture it is the long thin piece of glass just below the painting) and for larger pieces I use the freestanding pallet to the right of the easel which is on wheels so very mobile.   
Tea and popcorn are the essential creative ingredients.  :)

Uma's Post:
Uma never fails to make me laugh on a regular basis. 
David Swift, a well known and very good local photographer, took this picture of her along the bike path a few weeks ago.  She was curious about his fancy camera and bright orange jacket but most likely wondering if there was a treat anywhere in his pockets. 

I will add another post as soon as the rest of the works are done for the ALTAMIRA FINE ART Exhibit. 

Be well, and thank you for your precious time in reading this post.
~ September