Friday, July 26, 2013

Southwest Art Magazine Feature Article & ALTAMIRA FINE ART Exhibit

Hello Everyone!

This post is to share the Southwest Art Magazine article and a few more paintings that are a part of the ATLAMIRA FINE ART exhibit.  

Southwest Art Magazine Feature Article - August 2013 Issue

I was literally speechless while speaking with the managing editor of Southwest Art Magazine when she told me that they would like to do a feature article of my work.  A feature article in a prestigious magazine is a pivotal point in an artists career.  This happens only after an incredible amount of time 'behind the brushes' and from the support and enthusiasm from those who love art.  I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Southwest Art Magazine, to ALTAMIRA FINE ART, to The Gerald Peters Gallery, to Trio Fine Art, to the collectors of my art and to my friends and family.  Art is not created in a vacuum and my work would not be where it is now without you.  

The link below will connect you to the Southwest Art Magazine article:

I am excited to share that the recent exhibit has been a success and is still up at ALTAMIRA.  If you are in Jackson and would like to see it please do so as it will be taken down this Monday the 29th.  Enclosed are a few paintings in the exhibit that I was not able to include in the last post.  
'Bailar' - 40 x 60 - Oil on Belgian Linen - ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD
'Midnight' - 20 x 30 - Oil on Belgian Linen - ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD 
'Ode to Kuhn' - 24 x 30 - Oil on Belgian Linen - ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD
'Rocky Mountain Majesty' - 30 x 30 - Oil on Belgian Linen - ALTAMIRA FINE ART - SOLD

Even though this is a quick post I still have to include a picture of Uma.  Here she is in a saddle bag, needless to say she was not pleased about the experiment which lasted all of about two minutes.  :)

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